Religious and Spiritual Diversity Guide

3 July 2012

Today's Australia is made up of over 270 diverse cultures, speaking over 260 languages and practising over 100 different faiths. One in four of Australia's 22 million were born overseas and 4 million speak a language other than English.

To navigate successfully within this diversity, not only is it important to understand and respect diversity, but also, it is equally important to have adequate knowledge.

To start to achieve this, Maurice Blackburn, in conjunction with the Australian Multicultural Foundation, has developed a Guide to Religious and Spiritual Diversity that we launched in every office of our firm.

The guide is a valuable tool to help staff members understand differences and relate more effectively with people.  It further raises awareness of and educates staff members about religious and spiritual beliefs in our society, in turn allowing us to better understand and continuously improve our working relationships with clients, employees and other people who deal with us.