Financial Advice Disputes

Financial security is something most Australians work towards, turning a dream into a reality. Often people turn to financial advisers to help them make the most out of their money. Unfortunately, sometimes the financial and investment advice received about margin lending, the stock market, superannuation or other investments can be wrong, misleading or negligent.

Maurice Blackburn fights back against dodgy financial advice from financial planners, brokers and financial advisers. We can help you recover what's rightfully yours and sue for compensation. And we'll do it no win, no fee.

Our team of experts help everyone from professionals and self-funded retirees to mum and dad investors. We understand that in this industry, investors put their trust in the expertise of financial advisers and really put their lives and futures in the advisers' hands.

Receiving bad financial advice can have devastating consequences and Maurice Blackburn can explain your legal rights and provide advice about whether you should take legal action to seek compensation.

Have you invested with Macquarie Private Wealth?

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How do I get help?

For legal advice and help with a claim, fill in the contact us form or call Maurice Blackburn on 1800 196 050.