Unfair dismissal

Unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal are complex legal matters and need to be dealt with promptly and by experts. At Maurice Blackburn, our highly experienced employment lawyers can assist and advise you on matters such as unfair dismissal applications, and Fair Work Commission conferences and hearings. We can also assist with claims for damages and compensation including enforcing contractual rights, bonus and profit sharing schemes, and discretionary entitlements. It is important to note that there is a 21 day time limit for making an unfair dismissal application.

We are a national firm with highly regarded local employment lawyers, which means that we understand your situation and we have the resources to achieve the best outcome for you. At Maurice Blackburn we deliver sound advice and realistic, achievable solutions to your individual concerns. We have a highly successful record in unfair dismissal litigation and can assist you today.

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Dealing with unfair and constructive dismissal

Unfair dismissal can incorporate issues of employment type, award and enterprise agreement coverage, time limits for claims, the provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code. The definition of ‘dismissal’ can include a situation where you resigned but were forced to do so because of conduct, or a course of conduct, engaged in by your employer. This is commonly referred to as 'constructive dismissal'.

We are the nationally acknowledged experts in employment law matters and will ensure that your rights, earnings and reputation are protected.  Most of our employment law matters are discreetly and successfully resolved without ever needing to go to court, and our executive employment specialists can ensure you receive the full benefit of all rights and entitlements, including bonus schemes and discretionary entitlements.

Maurice Blackburn are the experts in employment law and will achieve the best result for you.

Can you make an unfair dismissal claim?

Unfair and unjust dismissal is a complex area of the law – that’s why Maurice Blackburn are the best choice. We can help you understand and decide on the best course of action to follow including whether to pursue a claim for compensation for wrongful dismissal. Even if you are unable to make an unfair dismissal claim, you may be able to make an unlawful dismissal claim or a general protections claim. Our highly experienced employment attorneys will help you understand and decide on the best solution for you.

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