Workplace bullying

Anyone can be subjected to bullying in the workplace, regardless of their position, salary or seniority. At Maurice Blackburn our expert employment lawyers can help you quickly and discretely put a stop to bullying and protect your rights as an employee. If you are being bullied at work or have witnessed bullying in the workplace, we can help you.

Maurice Blackburn’s employment law division, headed by high-profile legal expert Josh Bornstein, is recognised nationally as Australia’s leading employment law practice. Our employment attorneys are able to negotiate directly and discreetly on behalf of employees, both in employer meetings and before Fair Work Australia.

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Are you being bullied at work?

Bullying occurs when an individual or group repeatedly behaves unreasonably towards an employee , and that behaviour creates a risk to health and safety. If this is happening to you, we can provide legal advice and assistance to stop the bullying, and protect your health, your ongoing employment rights and professional reputation.

Maurice Blackburn can effectively and discreetly put a stop to bullying behaviours. Talk to us to find out what we can do to help you.

National anti-bullying legislation

In recent years Maurice Blackburn has campaigned for the introduction of a national anti-bullying law. We are delighted that new federal anti-bullying laws came into effect on 1 January 2014. These laws are designed to stop workplace bullying promptly. However, the laws do not entitle bullying victims to monetary compensation or reinstatement.

Fighting against bullying in the workplace

What the national anti-bullying laws mean for you.

  • Is your employment covered by the Federal anti-bullying laws?
  • Are you experiencing repeated and unreasonable behaviour in connection with your work?
  • Is the behaviour creating a risk to your physical or mental health or safety?
  • Is the behaviour likely to continue unless action is taken to stop the behaviour?

If you answered yes to the above questions then you should consider seeking advice in relation to your legal options as soon as possible. We have a highly successful record in employment and bullying litigation and can assist you today.

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