John Voyage


Key practice areas: Road Accident Injuries
Qualifications: LLB, BSc
Location: Melbourne (VIC)

TAC lawyer John Voyage has practiced in personal injury law for his entire career. John's commitment to his specialty aims at redressing the balance between powerful insurers, such as the TAC, and people vulnerable through injury and consequent loss of income.

John has assisted many thousands of clients in their disputes with the TAC. These have included test cases protecting clients' rights, and extending (or clarifying) TAC's responsibilities. John says that winning a dispute with TAC regarding its contribution for payment of a pair of glasses, or its contribution for the purchase and modification of a motorcar, is just as important as when he wins a big settlement for a client.

He chairs the Law Institute of Victoria's TAC Committee, is a member of the Road Trauma Committee, and has been a state and national convenor for the Motor Vehicle Accident Special Interest Group within the Australian Lawyers Alliance. John has also been involved in many hands-on efforts with outreach groups.

John has submitted a Motorcycle Safety Inquiry Submission to the Victorian Parliament. Read about this submission and post your own comments on our forum, and listen to John explain the submission and the reason on ABC radio why he believes all drivers licence holders should be retested.

Motorcycle Safety Inquiry Submission to the Victorian Parliament