Thursday, 19 March 2015
In the news - Smart Company
UK tribunal finds devout Christian sacked for harassing colleagues was not unfairly dismissed A childcare manager has had her unfair dismissal claim turfed out of the Employment Appeals Tribunal in the UK after it was found she “harassed” colleagues with her devout beliefs.
Monday, 29 December 2014
In the news - The Courier
Exercise monitoring devices could run users into legal trouble Fitness fanatics wearing gadgets to monitor how many steps they have walked or run could find their data being used in court.
Monday, 22 December 2014
In the news - mUmBRELLA
MEAA wins right to negotiate a collective agreement on behalf of AFL Media journalists The union body representing journalists has won the right to negotiate a collective agreement on behalf of journalists employed by the AFL Media after the Fair Work Commission ruled that a majority of employees were in favour of collection negotiations to set their working conditions.
Thursday, 18 December 2014
In the news - New Matilda
The Fate Of Twenty-Five Families Hangs In The Balance A Court will today decide whether Scott Morrison can deport 25 babies born in Australia to Nauru. Regardless of the decision, the Minister has the power to do the right thing, writes Katie Robertson*.
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
In the news - Women's Agenda
Tony Abbott’s big opportunity to give more to parents. Will he use it? Tony Abbott's watering down of one of his signature policies, the Paid Parental Leave (PPL) Scheme, hardly comes as a surprise. The budgetary chaos is still raging and the scheme was at cross-purposes with its central message of restraint.
Sunday, 14 December 2014
In the news - The Age
Locked in limbo: Australia's forgotten asylum seeker babies They are the forgotten babies – born in Australia, but ignored in the deal done to release asylum seekers into the community.
Friday, 12 December 2014
In the news - Echo News
Fire report sparks class action WESTERN Power and its contractor could be liable for the bushfire that destroyed 57 homes and damaged 230 properties in the Perth Hills on January 12 according to a local residents’ group.
Friday, 12 December 2014
In the news - The Age
Victoria Police facing huge backlash from members over bullying claims Victoria Police faces a massive legal backlash from its own members over allegations of widespread bullying and standover tactics that have been ignored or covered up by force command.
Thursday, 11 December 2014
In the news - BRW
How to promote better mental health at your workplace...by a lawyer who picks up the pieces The finance executive sitting opposite me is speaking so rapidly and erratically that I struggle to understand what he is talking about. I wait until I sense an opportunity to intervene.
Wednesday, 10 December 2014
In the news - Neos Kosmos
Greek Cypriot fights for mesothelioma landmark case Chris Georgiou is taking the federal government to court for not doing enough to stop the use of asbestos building materials.
Friday, 5 December 2014
In the news - New Matilda
Deal Supposed To Help Children Will Likely Send 25 Babies To Offshore Detention Lawyers say a total of 44 asylum seeker children currently in Australia could be deported to Nauru as a result of the legislation. Max Chalmers reports.
Tuesday, 2 December 2014
In the news - ABC
Mr Fluffy: Homeowner with mesothelioma brings landmark case against Commonwealth over asbestos in his roof A man who says he got mesothelioma from exposure to "Mr Fluffy" loose-fill asbestos in his home is bringing a landmark legal case against the Commonwealth.