Geelong gives for diamonds in the rough

6 September 2013
The second annual Diamond in the Rough event held by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers Geelong was a full house last night, as 80 people filled Geelong's Empire Grill to donate to the Southern Connect Women's Services, assisting women in need throughout the region.

Principal of Maurice Blackburn's Geelong office, Rachel Schutze, said the night was a great way for local businesses to join in helping women from all walks of life throughout Geelong make positive changes to their lives.

"We were overwhelmed with the generosity of local businesses when we launched this event last year, and it's extremely satisfying to see how well it's been supported again this year," Ms Schutze said.

"Southern Connect Women's Services does a wealth of work to support women who are at risk of homelessness, or who require short-term or transitional accommodation because of issues on the home front.

"A lot of these women are young, and through Southern Connect they get vital support which in turn enables them to provide proper care to their children, and keep their lives on track.

"Maurice Blackburn is proud to not only provide assistance to those in need of expert legal help here in Geelong and the south-west, but we're delighted to be able to unite local businesses in the interests of supporting people the community beyond what we can do for them legally.

"We think it's imperative that local businesses take a broader local interest in the wellbeing of the community, and this is one great way the business community bands together every year to help those in need."

Ms Schutze said special thanks needed to go to sponsors including Lorna Jane, SaltAir Spa Retreat, Geelong's Gym, On The Fringe Hair Salon, Three Figs Café, The Flower Dispensary, Milana's Lingerie Swimwear Boutique, Roam Café, 13th Beach Golf Club, Sally May-Jeffrey Naturopath and Geelong's Boot Camps for their support of the event.