Joint statement of Maurice Blackburn and McDonalds Australia

29 October 2013
The parties wish to announce that agreement has been reached to settle the Supreme Court proceedings by McDonald's Australia against eight defendants as well as the people for whom they were appointed as representatives by the Court. The proceedings concerned protest activities regarding construction of a McDonald's outlet in Tecoma.

As part of the agreement, McDonald's has agreed to discontinue the proceedings and is not seeking any legal costs from the defendants. In exchange, the defendants have agreed personally and on behalf of those they represent not to undertake activities which may constitute trespass or nuisance until 30 June 2014.  If the settlement agreement is breached, McDonald's has the right to reinstate proceedings against any of the named parties. McDonald's can also seek other remedies against any others bound by the orders if they are breached, including applying to issue proceedings for contempt of Court. The order sought will  allow the defendants and those they represent access to the footpath in front of the site except for the purpose of engaging in trespass, nuisance or harassing or intimidating people on the McDonalds land.

The parties will now jointly seek approval of the resolution by the Supreme Court. The existing injunction continues until the Supreme Court makes that order. 

All parties are pleased to have reached agreement and for the Supreme Court case to be finally resolved."


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