Police punch caught on CCTV costs $129,000

28 February 2013
Police CCTV footage showing a police officer punching Yarra Valley man Tim Vivoda in the head has led to a $129,000 payout to Mr Vivoda, with judgement handed down today in the Melbourne County Court.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers represented Mr Vivoda in the long battle, and Principal Andrew Dimsey says the case is a strong demonstration that everyone deserves fair treatment and access to justice.

"Clearly police have a tough job to do, but it is never acceptable to abuse the trust and responsibility invested in the role - there was no need for the assault on Mr Vivoda and we're glad that the Court reached that conclusion also," Mr Dimsey said.

"Everyone has the right to be treated fairly and justly by the law. People need to have faith in their police and the justice system, and I think this case should help instil that belief in the system."

Mr Dimsey said the clarity of the CCTV footage presented during the trial made for damning evidence.

"The ability to use clear CCTV footage of the incident played a major role in helping the court reach such a strong conclusion, as it removed any uncertainty about the pivotal event surrounding the deliberate and hard punch Mr Vivoda received," Mr Dimsey said.

Mr Vivoda said it had been a long but ultimately successful journey.

"This case was long, and tough to endure, but today justice has been done and I am pleased with the successful outcome," he said.

Watch the CCTV footage here.

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