Road safety lawyers pledge to help lower the road toll

31 May 2013
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is on a quest to keep the road toll to zero today, Friday 31 May, as part of Fatality Free Friday.

Spearheaded by local road trauma law experts such as Principal Andrew McKenzie, the national law firm has encouraged its 750 staff nationwide to sign the FFF pledge and play a role in making the roads safer today, and all year round.

"Some people think they're a hero if they drive fast or aggressively on our roads, and that's just not the case. Reckless or even careless driving leads to crashes, injury and death," Mr McKenzie said.

"Today everyone can be a real hero by keeping it to zero - we need to look out for others on the roads whether it be cars, bikes, trucks, pedestrians - and this should just be a reminder that road safety is everyone's responsibility.

"Day in day out I see the shocking effects of road trauma on crash victims, their families, and their friends, and I think Fatality Free Friday is a sensational national cause that everyone should take part in.

"As a road trauma lawyer, it's heartbreaking having to help people piece their lives back together, so I'd urge everyone to go and sign the FFF pledge and keep safe on the roads not just today, but every day."

Maurice Blackburn has been joined by fellow road safety advocates in calling for people to sign the FFF pledge and promote greater road safety.

Maurice Blackburn client Sue Grady lost her father in a fatal crash five years ago. Ms Grady says that while she can't bring her father back, she is determined to spread the road safety message to help others avoid going through the same trauma she and her family have.

"You can't explain the hurt of losing someone you love in such avoidable circumstances such as a car crash, but you can explain to others the importance of taking extra care on the roads, so Fatality Free Friday is a concept I support," Ms Grady said.

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