Telstra NBN asbestos-related issues should be registered

31 May 2013
Asbestos and dust disease experts from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have urged people concerned about exposure to deadly asbestos particles, in light of recent reports around Telstra's work on the National Broadband Network, to register their exposure now.

Jonathan Walsh from Maurice Blackburn, and member of the Australian Lawyers Alliance, says that as asbestos-related diseases don't manifest for years in victims, it is vital to track points of exposure, including when and how it occurred, so that people can be more easily assisted if required in the future.

"Although in my job I encounter the devastating effects asbestos and dust-related diseases have on Australians every day, I think that for the broader community these have been sleeper issues in recent years since the landmark James Hardie episode," Mr Walsh said.

"There are still an awful lot of asbestos-laden products in the country, throughout most communities as we've seen this week with the Telstra NBN issues that have been reported, so people still need to be vigilant and extremely careful around asbestos products.

"As we all now know, it only takes one fibre to destroy a life, so you can never be too careful around it."

Mr Walsh said that the most important thing people can do if they believe they have been exposed to asbestos, is to record those details with the National Asbestos Register, a database run by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and accessible from the firm's website.

"People will help themselves by recording details now, rather than possibly having to recall details decades later, and they will help others by allowing the identification of hotspots and times of exposure - it's an important national database," Mr Walsh said.

"The only good thing about the reports this week is that it raises people's alertness levels, which hopefully helps reduce the devastating effect of the third wave of asbestos-related exposures and related disease we're currently seeing here in Australia."

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