Court set to decide today on landmark test case for Australian-born babies in detention

15 October 2014
The Federal Circuit Court will today make a ruling in a landmark test case to determine if babies born on Australian soil, to families who came to Australia by boat, have a right to stay in Australia as refugees.

Maurice Blackburn Senior Associate Murray Watt said a judge would today make a finding in relation to the case of 11-month-old baby Ferouz, who was born in Brisbane’s Mater Hospital and has been locked up in detention with his family since his birth.

“Ferouz’s case is significant not just for him and his family, but for all babies living in detention who were born here in Australia,” Mr Watt said.

“The Australian Government has thrown every legal argument possible at baby Ferouz in a bid to deny him protection here in Australia.

“The Government argues that Ferouz entered Australia by sea: a ludicrous argument given he was born here in Brisbane in the Mater Hospital and has a Queensland birth certificate.

“The Government has even gone so far as to introduce retrospective amendments at the eleventh hour in a last ditch bid to move the goal posts and thwart Ferouz’s legal case.

“Well today Ferouz will finally get the verdict we have long been seeking.

“Many Australians have been appalled by Ferouz’s case and rightly so, the fact is no Australian-born baby should be living behind razor wire in detention,” he said.

**Media doorstop opportunity**

What:    Judgement to be handed down into the case of 11-month-old baby Ferouz in the Federal Circuit Court.

When:   2:30pm Qld time, TODAY, Wednesday 15 October 2014
Media doorstop to follow handing down of today’s judgement

Where:  Federal Circuit Court – forecourt space
Commonwealth Law Courts Building 
119 North Quay, Brisbane

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