D-Day arrives for Clive Palmer to stop transfer of Aussie kids to Nauru

20 October 2014
The day has arrived for Clive Palmer to block a series of hidden amendments to the Migration Act that will transfer Australian-born babies to Nauru, said Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

Senior Associate Murray Watt, who is acting for 11 month-old Australian-born baby Ferouz, said it is expected the amendments will come up for debate before the House of Representatives tomorrow and the time had come for Mr Palmer to stop Australian-born babies being taken offshore.

“If these amendments go through the House of Representatives tomorrow, then Australian-born babies like Ferouz are one step closer to being taken to detention on Nauru,” Mr Watt said.

“This is wrong: Ferouz was born in Australia, in the same hospital I and my own children were born in.

“Clive Palmer should not help the Government with its heartless moves to deny Ferouz the chance to grow up as an Aussie kid.

“When Clive Palmer gave his initial support for the Government’s legislation, he said he had got a promise from the Government that it would cease transferring people in detention in Australia to Nauru and Manus Island.

“Yet if he supports the Government’s amendments, he’ll be helping them do exactly that.

“Buried at the back of the Government’s legislation are a series of retrospective amendments that will mean the transfer of Australian-born babies and their families.

“Ferouz is a classic example of this; his family are currently in detention in Darwin, but these amendments would mean he and his family will be taken to Nauru.

And sadly, they are not alone. Maurice Blackburn acts for 100 Australian-born babies who could be taken to Nauru as well, unless Clive Palmer intervenes.

“The reality is the Australian Government has gone back on its deal with Clive Palmer. This week is Mr Palmer’s opportunity to step in and make things right to ensure that babies born in Australia are not sent offshore.

“Ferouz also has an important legal appeal underway that should be able to run its course without having the goalposts changed at the last minute with these amendments being pushed through.

“The fate of Ferouz and the 100 other babies we act for now rests in the hands of Clive Palmer and his team,” Mr Watt said.

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