Introduction of class actions regime welcome in providing greater access to justice for Queenslanders

27 November 2014
Class action experts at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have today welcomed moves by the State Government to introduce a long-awaited class actions regime in Queensland.

Maurice Blackburn Principal and head of the firm’s Queensland Class Actions department Damian Scattini said the introduction of legislation that sets the foundations for a dedicated class actions regime in Queensland is a much-needed and welcome development in providing greater access to justice for Queenslanders.

A Queensland class actions regime was included as part of the Justice and Other Legislation Bill introduced yesterday by the Queensland LNP Government.

Class actions play a vital role in providing access to justice for people impacted by mass wrongdoing who would otherwise have limited options available to them, and they place an important and required check on corporate misconduct,” Mr Scattini said.

“We have long called for a class actions regime here in Queensland, and the fact that the Queensland Government has now also recognised the value of such a scheme and introduced legislation to make this a reality is welcome.

“The role of a class actions regime cannot be understated: class actions are hugely important in ensuring that victims of mass wrongdoing can have equal access to justice when taking on large, well-resourced organisations.

“Class actions are also one of the few means available to people affected by mass wrongdoing to seek proper redress, and as well as this they play an important role in holding large organisations to account for such wrongdoings.

“We are also pleased that in introducing this legislation, the Queensland Government has sought to ensure consistency with other states in proposing to implement measures we know work well in other jurisdictions,” he said.

Mr Scattini said it was an important recognition by members of the Queensland LNP Government of the importance of ensuring that a fair, accessible and effectively functioning class actions regime is in operation, supported by government and available to all people.

Maurice Blackburn's class action practice is the largest in Australia and has secured more than $1 billion in settlements for victims of mass wrongs over the past 16 years.