Latest Rockhampton Hospital reports raise further questions about quality of care and patient safety

8 September 2014
More reports today about Rockhampton Hospital have again highlighted an urgent need to ensure recommendations made to improve patient safety are listened to and implemented, according to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

Medical Negligence lawyer Sarah Atkinson said that too often damning findings were made about Rockhampton Hospital that questioned both the standard of care provided as well as the hospital’s ability to respond to adverse incidents, yet little appeared to change in response.

“We are regularly contacted by people expressing concerns about the healthcare they have received at Rockhampton Hospital,” Ms Atkinson said.

“There have been countless reports undertaken about Rockhampton Hospital over a number of years, as well as inquests and investigations that have all outlined significant failings and made recommendations to address these, yet little seems to change – the poor reports and adverse findings continue.

“Patients as well as health staff in Central Queensland should be able to have confidence in their local health services, including a reassurance that when adverse incidents occur they are properly investigated to prevent future incidents.

“Unfortunately, we know historically that this has not happened at Rockhampton Hospital.

“Queensland Health have again today reiterated action is being taken, including the appointment of a director of quality and safety.

“We hope this will be the case, but it is also well known that a lot of promises have been made in the past that have shown little improvement and the local community deserves better,” she said.

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