Morrison’s Bill to send Aussie babies to Nauru this weekend

4 December 2014
Lawyers acting for Australian-born baby Ferouz and other babies in detention are urgently calling on Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to prevent the imminent removal of 25 babies to detention on Nauru.

Maurice Blackburn Senior Associate Murray Watt said that a bill being debated by the Senate tonight would, if passed, guarantee the removal of 25 Australian-born babies as early as tomorrow night.

“Minister Morrison claims that his bill will release children from detention, when in fact it will do just the opposite,” Mr Watt said.

“While some children may be released and may become eligible to apply for Temporary Protection Visas, the bill also condemns 25 Australian-born babies to removal to Nauru.

“Buried in the bill are amendments that retrospectively deem these babies to have come from Nauru, when they were born here and have never left Australia.

“Minister Morrison has previously stated that he will not allow babies to apply for TPVs, meaning it is certain they will be taken to Nauru.

“We currently hold undertakings from the Government that they will not remove these babies until 5pm tomorrow.

“If the Senate passes this bill, all 25 of these Australian-born babies could be taken to Nauru from tomorrow night, never to return.

“We are urgently calling on Scott Morrison to amend his bill and let these babies stay in Australia – they were born in Australia and have spent their entire lives here, yet because their mothers spent time previously on Nauru they will now be taken away.

“That is grossly unfair, and it is not the Australian way.

“We also appeal to Senator Ricky Muir, who holds the deciding vote, to stand up for these Aussie kids and amend this bill.

“Senator Muir has kids of his own, and I can’t imagine he would want to see other kids born in our country locked up indefinitely on Nauru,” Mr Watt said.

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