National project to tell stories of hope about living with brain injury

18 August 2014
People with brain injuries and their carers and friends are being invited to take part in a national project that tells their stories of hope and achievements in dealing with their life- changing disability.

The “Small Victories” project, set up by national law firm Maurice Blackburn aims to tell stories via words, pictures, film or artwork.

After hearing of the challenges met by Dr. Christine Durham, Maurice Blackburn was inspired to collect stories of small victories achieved by people with brain injury. Dr. Durham, Victorian Senior Australian of the Year 2014, educator and writer, is the author of the book ‘Unlocking my brain – through the labyrinth of acquired brain injury’. Christine was critically injured in a car accident in 1991, but since then has worked tirelessly to adjust to her new life while at the same timing working to inspire hope among those with brain injuries.

Dr Durham said: “After I had my accident, all I wanted was some hope, and very often when I speak to groups of people with a brain injury, they say they have often been told they will not do certain things, like walk again, talk again, get a job, have a child or even survive their injury. We are always learning new ways to do things. It’s hard to do that if you are filled with despair and not given much hope of recapturing your life. We need to spread  hope-filled  stories of the small victories that we have achieved to help others have hope.” 

Greg Tucker Maurice Blackburn chief executive officer, said the firm was involved in a range of activities to raise awareness of brain injury.

“In our work with injured clients and their families, we encounter many people with brain injuries caused by road trauma, workplace accidents, medical negligence, assaults and other injury or illness. For those affected by brain injury, a simple task can seem almost impossible. Everyday activities such as doing up buttons or tying your shoelaces, can be major milestones on the path to learning to live with brain injury.

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Video – Understanding brain injury