New Queensland asbestos management plan welcomed

3 April 2014
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have today welcomed the release of a new statewide strategic plan for managing asbestos, saying a more streamlined approach will assist people in better responding to asbestos incidents when they arise.

Maurice Blackburn Senior Associate Trent Johnson said often people and businesses were confused by who to liaise with quickly in the event asbestos material was disturbed, and any measures to help clarify this process were welcome.

"Unfortunately too often what we see when asbestos materials is disturbed - whether that's through a home renovation or on a building site - is that people are unclear about which authority to turn to quickly for safe removal and handling of material," Mr Johnson said.

"Sadly, there is no safe level of asbestos exposure, so timely and effective management of any asbestos material disturbances is critical.

"Asbestos awareness, education and where possible eradication is an important public policy issue, and we welcome any initiative that will help to raise awareness of the ongoing dangers of asbestos exposure and the high incidence of asbestos-related illness in Australia.

"The plan announced today is a positive step to help minimise the ongoing risk of exposure, by helping to better ensure there is a co-ordinated approach to managing asbestos education and reporting in Queensland.

"For this plan to reach its full potential however further resources are required not only for education and awareness of the risk of asbestos exposure, but also the prosecution of those who fail to take proper precautions and potentially endanger others," he said.

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