Senate to decide today whether to send baby Ferouz to Nauru

3 December 2014
The future of baby Ferouz and 107 other Australian-born babies today lies in the hands of the Senate, with amendments to be debated this morning that would allow the Federal Government to send the babies to Nauru.

Maurice Blackburn Senior Associate Murray Watt said that if the Senate today gave the green light today to amendments proposed by Minister Scott Morrison, almost all of the babies risked being taken to Nauru as soon as this weekend, despite a legal appeal for Ferouz still underway.

“This morning the fate of baby Ferouz and 107 other Australian-born babies is in the hands of the Australian Senate,” Mr Watt said.

“We have sought an urgent undertaking from the Federal Government not to take these babies to Nauru until the outcome of an important legal appeal for Ferouz is known, however to date no such undertaking has been forthcoming.

“That means that if the Senate does not block these amendments today, these babies could be taken to Nauru as soon as this weekend.

“These babies have a case underway in the courts that has been fought out for over a year, yet their legal case risks having no bearing if these amendments go through today.

“That is unfair and it is not the Australian way - these are Aussie babies who were born here and they deserve a fair go.

“Nauru is no place for children and it is certainly no place for newborns: a fact that has been repeatedly stressed by the United Nations.

“The Senate today has one last opportunity to do the right thing for these Australian-born kids and we again urge them to do so – as a country we can do better than sending these kids to Nauru,” he said.

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