Marriage equality push to “invite Tony” to gay weddings

4 August 2015
Prime Minister Tony Abbott could soon be on the guest list of hundreds of same-sex weddings around Australia as part of a new campaign to support marriage equality.

The “Invite Tony” campaign is asking same-sex couples to save a date for their wedding and invite Mr Abbott to attend – in the hope that one day soon their marriage will be legally recognised in Australia.

The initiative is launched today at (site no longer available) by social justice law firm Maurice Blackburn. Liberty Sanger, a principal at Maurice Blackburn, said legal recognition of same-sex marriages in Australia was well overdue.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers are strong supporters of marriage equality and want to see all people treated equally before the law, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation,” Ms Sanger said.

With a cross-party bill on marriage equality set to be introduced into Parliament this month, the “Invite Tony” campaign is calling on Mr Abbott to allow Coalition MPs a conscience vote on the issue.

“Building on the widespread community support for same-sex marriage, we are encouraging Australians to join us in the ‘Invite Tony’ campaign and help put pressure on the Prime Minister on the issue of marriage equality,” Ms Sanger said.

“We hope Mr Abbott will RSVP to these wedding invitations by committing to a free vote on same-sex marriage, which could pave the way for achieving marriage equality in Australia.”

To get involved, same-sex couples can register their weddings at (site no longer available).  Once a wedding is registered, a “Save the date” card will be emailed directly to the Prime Minister and posted on Facebook for others to like, comment and share. Couples can then use Facebook to invite other guests to their wedding.

The campaign is not limited to same-sex couples planning a wedding. Anyone can take part and show their support for marriage equality by going to (site no longer available) and “joining the guest list” or posting support with the hashtag #invitetony.