Maurice Blackburn announces investigation into potential Australian consumer law action against Volkswagen

25 September 2015
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have today announced an investigation into a potential Australian consumer law action against Volkswagen, following allegations diesel cars overseas have been impacted by software that allowed Volkswagen to cheat emissions tests.

Maurice Blackburn Class Actions Principal Damian Scattini said while Volkswagen were still yet to confirm if any Australian cars had been affected, it was likely Australian consumers would be hit by the scandal, with 11 million cars estimated to have been affected worldwide.

“Disappointingly, we are still yet to see anything definitive from Volkswagen about the impacts for Australian consumers, and if any cars here have been affected,” Mr Scattini said.

“However, if cars here have been affected then people have not got what they paid for and we believe they may have grounds for a consumer action.

“Many people will have bought these cars thinking they were getting a clean, green car with good mileage but it is looking increasingly likely that for many people worldwide that is not the case.

“If it is confirmed that cars in Australia have been affected by this incident then it is likely these cars will be worth significantly less for consumers trying to sell at a later date.

“Furthermore, if cars here are found to be affected and then need to be recalled and fixed it is not known what effect this will have on engines, particularly in relation to speed and mileage, all of which again potentially will impact on re-sell options for consumers.

“Given this, we believe that if it is confirmed that Australian cars are impacted then consumers may have grounds to take action against Volkswagen, including pushing for extended warranties given people as yet are still in the dark about the full impacts of this issue.

“We urge Volkswagen to come forward as soon as possible to confirm if cars in Australia have been affected and what actions they are intending to take. We will also be closely monitoring the outcome of the ACCC’s investigation into this matter,” he said.

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