Porsche three-litre diesel vehicles face new class actions

11 December 2015
Three-litre V6 diesel, Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg and Audi models are the latest vehicles to be caught up in the Dieselgate scandal, with Australia’s leading class action law firm Maurice Blackburn Lawyers set to launch new class actions to cover the affected three-litre diesel vehicles.

The proposed new class actions follow recent announcements from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Californian Air Resources Board (CARB) that all these three-litre vehicles contain prohibited defeat devices and exceed maximum permitted nitrogen oxide emissions.

In addition to launching class actions against Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda on behalf of more than 90,000 affected motorists last month in response to the global Dieselgate scandal, Maurice Blackburn is now also making final preparations for these new class actions and is now accepting registrations from affected motorists with any of the following 3.0L V6 diesel vehicles:

  • 2013-2016 Porsche Cayenne
  • 2013-2016 Volkswagen Touareg
  • 2009-2016 Audi Q5
  • 2009-2016 Audi A6
  • 2009-2016 Audi Q7
  • 2009-2016 Audi A7
  • 2009-2016 Audi A8

These class actions focus on the nitrogen oxide emissions and are therefore unaffected by today’s announcement by VW regarding the number of cars affected by carbon dioxide emissions.

Maurice Blackburn Principal Jason Geisker said the class action mechanism was the most effective and efficient way to ensure all affected motorists obtain redress.

“Where there are serious cases of corporate misconduct on such a large scale it is important that everyone affected has the opportunity to participate in the claim and gain access to high quality legal representation,” Mr Geisker said.

“Whether or not people realise it, they now hold tainted vehicles that do not comply with Australian standards, which we allege couldn’t have been imported into our country had the truth been disclosed.

“All motorists the subject of this scam should be treated equally and compensated in accordance with their full legal entitlements, nothing more and nothing less.”

New revelations about the affected 3.0L V6 diesel vehicles are likely to move the total number of Australian vehicles affected by Dieselgate to well in excess of 100,000, in what is shaping as one of Australia’s largest consumer class actions. 

Registration for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and now Porsche diesel vehicles is simple and open now via the firm’s website www.mauriceblackburn.com.au/volkswagen