Specialised first aid for motorcyclists – coming to a town near you

24 July 2015
Motorcyclists wanting to brush up on their first aid skills and learn about accident scene management are invited to attend an affordable first aid management course to be held this year in local towns and cities.

First Aid for Motorcyclists, (FAFM) is providing specialised first aid and accident scene management training with 15 sessions planned in major towns and regional cities. 

Dedicated to the needs of riders, FAFM was created 18 months ago and has already trained over 500 people in Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle. Now, with support from Maurice Blackburn’s Stop SMIDSY campaign, instructors Tracy Hughes and Roger Fance are expanding their reach.

Tracy Hughes, Principal Instructor said,

“We are incredibly excited to make this specialised training available to riders all around Australia. The course has received wonderful feedback from clubs and people who have attended. We are now getting a lot of demand in other cities and regional centres, so we decided to travel around Australia for a few years and run courses. We want to help as many riders as we can, raise money for the Royal Rehab Centre, plus have a great adventure at the same time.”

Over the next few months, FAFM will run courses in Port Macquarie, Ipswich, Caboolture, Brisbane, Lismore, Tamworth, Warwick, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Canberra and Sydney.

“The catalyst for starting First Aid for Motorcyclists came about when we were asked to provide first aid training for a motorcycle club in Sydney,” said Tracy.

Our instructors are highly experienced riders and first aid instructors who have real-world experience at motorcycle accident scenes. The course is highly interactive and engaging. Students learn by way of active participation and group discussion based on common crash scene scenarios. Key elements of the course include accident scene management, removing a full face helmet or moving a casualty in an emergency situation, CPR practice, treatment of riders with serious road trauma injuries and accident prevention.

FAFM is supported by the Royal Rehab Sydney, Australian Motorcycle Council, Motorcycle Council of NSW, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers Stop SMIDSY campaign, Ulysses Club Inc.Australia, Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative, Stay Upright, Harley Davidson Australia H.O.G Chapters.

About First Aid for Motorcyclists: What every rider needs to know in the event of a motorbike accident - designed to equip motorcyclists with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to provide emergency first aid and roadside accident scene management.. A short course costs $78 including GST. Rebates are available for Ulysses Club members. 

About Stopsmidsy

SMIDSY stands for Sorry Mate I Didn't See You. Maurice Blackburn is increasing driver awareness of motorcyclists. Contact us on 1800 203 472.



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