Maurice Blackburn will seek injunction against Deloitte unless confidentiality of 7-Eleven staff protected – Deadline Midday Monday 16th May

13 May 2016
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers are putting accounting firm Deloittes on notice that they have until midday Monday to give assurances the confidentiality of 7-Eleven workers will be protected.

Employment Principal at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Giri Sivaraman, along with the SDA - the union for retail, fast-food and warehouse workers - received advice late this afternoon about the legal options available to protect workers, after the shock dismissal of the Allan Fels Wages panel by 7-Eleven.

“Our most significant concern is the confidentiality of 7-Eleven staff and former employees, who have put their trust in the Fels panel and provided personal information on the proviso it remain private,” said Mr Sivaraman.

“Some of these employees fear for their lives, they have been beaten and intimidated. The prospect of having their details handed to 7-Eleven head office is terrifying. We are going to do everything we can to ensure their confidentiality is protected.”

Mr Sivaraman will be writing to Deloitte this evening seeking an undertaking, by MIDDAY MONDAY 16th MAY, not to give client names to 7-Eleven or the firm will seek an injunction.

“It is disappointing that it had got to this point, but we don’t have any confidence that 7-Eleven will do the right thing, which is why we are now seeking to take strong further action to protect these workers.”

Mr Sivaraman has headed the pro bono legal team helping underpaid 7-Eleven staff make wages claims to the Fels panel. Maurice Blackburn is representing over 100 former and current 7-Eleven employees.

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