Patient safety the winner in cosmetic surgery crackdown

3 June 2016
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers today welcomed new laws to more strictly regulate the cosmetic industry in New South Wales as a victory for patient safety.

The new laws will ensure that certain cosmetic procedures such as breast implants, tummy tucks, liposuction and some facial implants must now take place in facilities that have the same licensing standards as private hospitals.

Maurice Blackburn medical law expert, Libby Brookes says the new laws mean these cosmetic procedures will now have to take place in a hospital setting.

“It’s a really important step in protecting the lives and well-being of the patients.”

“Too often we’ve seen the terrible consequences of poorly performed cosmetic surgery.”

Maurice Blackburn began campaigning in NSW for tougher regulation of the cosmetic industry after an increase in the seriousness of the complaints coming from patients.

These included complaints from two young women undergoing breast augmentation surgery where one suffered a cardiac arrest while sedated and another had her arm paralysed by the procedure.

“That spate of very public emergencies at private Sydney cosmetic surgery clinics prompted us to make a submission to the NSW government’s review of cosmetic clinics.”

“Often these clinics offer cheaper deals on procedures and it’s mainly young women who are being put at risk.”

“These new regulations are not only important in terms of the provision of anaesthetic, but also in ensuring the appropriate equipment is available in case there’s an emergency.”

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