Statement in relation to salmonella-laced lettuce

5 February 2016
Maurice Blackburn has received several consumer rights inquiries in relation to the outbreak of salmonella.

Consumers with a significant injury from very serious cases of food poisoning may have legal rights for redress, particularly for pain and suffering, in relation to very serious cases of food poisoning. It is worth noting however that this would likely only apply in some cases, where it can be proven that a significant injury has been suffered.

Thankfully, most people who contract salmonella poisoning tend to make a full recovery and are not left with a permanent impairment.

Consumers would also need to prove that they have contracted salmonella from eating this brand of lettuce. The receipt of purchase is helpful and make sure you keep the packet of the lettuce as evidence.

I urge anyone affected by this outbreak to seek urgent medical attention by visiting their GP.

If they incur any out of pocket expenses such as medical bills and loss of income (for taking time off work to recover, for example), they should write directly to Coles and Woolworths seeking reimbursement.

- Dimi Ioannou (Maurice Blackburn public safety lawyer)

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