Lawyers: 7-Eleven advert 'laughable'

30 August 2016
Statement on 7-11 advertising in Fairfax newspapers

“The adverts from 7-Eleven today are laughable. The company claims the process is as simple as filing out an online form but it is far more onerous than that. Not one single claim submitted by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers has been approved since the new Wage Repayment Program was introduced. Instead our clients are constantly being asked for more information, sometimes information that is already provided in comprehensive statements but Deloitte want it in a special new table, and it is dragging out the process even further.

At the end of the day what happened at 7-Eleven is wage theft. These employees are entitled to make these claims but they are being made to jump through more hoops than ever before to get their rightful payments.

Maurice Blackburn clients have opted to ask for our pro bono legal assistance because they were afraid of retribution from the company and these advertisements saying the system is faster than before are a slap in the face for the onerous process they are enduring.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have been very concerned about the lack of response to our submitted claims, having to chase Deloitte for updates on almost 50 claims. In some cases where there are requests for further information, we have email evidence that it has already been provided. Some submitted claims haven’t even been looked at or have fallen off the radar and are not on the list at all.

I would love to see 7-Eleven practise what it preaches because “simple” in no way describes the experience of our clients.”

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