Complaint by St Kevin’s counsellor allegedly pressured to cover-up grooming scandal to be heard by Federal Court

3 March 2020
The Federal Court will tomorrow (Wednesday) begin hearing the case of St Kevin’s employee, Maree Keel, who alleges she was victimised and had her role as Head of Counselling abolished after complaining about the grooming conduct of a teacher at the school and trying to mandatorily report two other matters.

Ms Keel lodged the case last month under the Fair Work Act and alleges that the school sought to stop her complying with mandatory reporting obligations. 

Maurice Blackburn Principal Josh Bornstein said Ms Keel was concerned the school sought to cover-up the conduct to protect its reputation.

“My client raised her concerns in mid-2019 and alleges that she was then subjected to a range of adverse conduct herself," Mr Bornstein said.

“We will be asking the court to schedule a trial at the earliest opportunity. I’d also like to thank those who have come forward to offer assistance and evidence for the case and those who have reached out to support Ms Keel.”

What: Maree Keel v Trustees of Edmund Rice Education Australia. Case management conference.

When: Wednesday, 9.30am

Where: Melbourne Federal Court, 305 William Street, Melbourne.

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