Statement from Maurice Blackburn regarding Sunwater announcement it will appeal floods class action

28 February 2020
Sunwater has today confirmed it will appeal the floods class action judgment handed down in November 2019 in favour of flood victims.

This follows the first defendant, Seqwater, confirming last Friday it would also appeal the judgment. The State Government, the third defendant, confirmed late last year it would not appeal.

The following statement can be attributed to Rebecca Gilsenan, Principal Lawyer at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers:

“Today is an incredibly hard day for the thousands of flood victims in our class action, who now face a very long road to compensation as a result of both state owned entities Sunwater and Seqwater confirming they will appeal the floods class action judgment,” Ms Gilsenan said.

“The announcement today by Sunwater confirms that unless a solution is found soon our clients face many long months, if not years, of having to wait for the compensation they deserve.

“The only path to a resolution in the near term is for the State Government to step in.

“The people who lost so much unnecessarily in the floods of 2011 do not understand the differences between the State Government and its entities or about fights between the State and insurers. To them, it all just sounds like delay to their ability to move forward.

“Our clients have waited more than nine years and they have had enough – it is time for the State Government to step in,” she said.

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