Second brush with shame: repeat offender wins Golden Toilet Brush Award history

19 June 2012

A national contract cleaning company has been named the winner of the 2012 Golden Toilet Brush Award, a dishonour bestowed each year by Canberra's cleaners to the company or individual who has done least to give cleaners a fair go in Canberra over the previous year.

Broadlex Services Pty Ltd is the winner of the 2012 Golden Toilet Brush Award. Broadlex is a second time winner of this unprestigious award, having previously won in 2010.

Lyndal Ryan, ACT Branch Secretary of United Voice says "Canberra's cleaners hope the public disgrace of being the a second time winner of the golden brush of shame will finally prompt Broadlex to do the right thing by the hard working cleaners employed by them in the ACT.

"Broadlex has had many opportunities to clean up its act. Yet for five years they have stubbornly refused to sign onto the Clean Start agreement for fair pay and working conditions which are the contract cleaning industry norm in Canberra and in capital cities across Australia.

"Cleaners are bitterly disappointed a company with contracts to clean some of the largest buildings in Canberra  such as the Reserve Bank of Australia, Canberra Stadium, CSIRO and federal health buildings is not a signatory to the Clean Start Agreement.  Responsible contractors  agree this agreement provides better results for property owners and clients while giving cleaners fair and reasonable working conditions and pay.

"Our solicitors Maurice Blackburn are about to lodge an application in the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia on behalf of United Voice and a former Broadlex employee, cleaner Natalia Ceuvas. The application relates to discrimination resulting in underpayments and unsafe working conditions. 

"We believe there are very strong grounds for making this application. Ms Ceuvas was employed by Broadlex as a cleaner at the Reserve Bank of Australia. She was told she could no longer work there as she had asked questions about her wages and conditions.

"On behalf of Canberra's cleaners, I urge Broadlex to clean up its act and do the right thing by their cleaners and by their clients," says Lyndal Ryan.

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