Why end of year parties may lead to dismissing an employee

6 December 2019
The end of year party is a great way to relax, debrief and bond with your colleagues. But the end of year party also tends to be alcohol-fuelled and brings with it the risk that people will behave badly, which may lead to dismissing an employee.

From an employment lawyer's perspective, it often create challenges as the line between work and out of hours becomes blurred.

When poor behaviour can get you fired

Often employers will have policies about acceptable behaviours at work functions and may even send emails to staff requiring that they be on their best behaviour at staff functions.  These policies and emails are referred to as “directions” and employees are required to comply with these directions so long as they are lawful and reasonable. This means that you aren’t completely free to act and do as you please.  If you do something that is at odds with what you have been told to do, you could be sanctioned.  Depending on how serious the conduct is you could even be terminated.

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