Staff profiles Phil Gleeson, medical negligence, and managing principal Maurice Blackburn Perth

20 June 2013

Phil Gleeson - Medical Law Department, and Managing Principal Maurice Blackburn, Perth

Those practising in medical law are often asked why they love their specialty. For Phil Gleeson, who heads up Maurice Blackburn's Perth office, it's all about the puzzle…

"Clients do present with a puzzle, they know they have had a poor outcome, they suspect something has gone wrong because someone has done something wrong, but in the very early stages we may not know enough about the standards in a particular branch of medicine to know if they have a strong case. It's our job to work out very quickly whether we can pursue a matter. I love solving those riddles and puzzles.

"It's incredibly intellectually challenging, and I enjoy the challenge of finding out what went wrong and why, giving answers and of course getting compensation for people who are injured."

Phil has been a lawyer in Victoria and WA for more than 15 years. He joined Maurice Blackburn in 2011 and is a WA Law Society Personal Injuries committee member.

He has settled claims on behalf of people who have had failed anaesthesia; delayed diagnosis of meningitis; delayed and non-diagnosis of melanoma, breast cancer and renal cancer; and mental health system failures.

Phil is also a Board member for the Health Consumers Council, a role he enjoys because it is a member-based organisation that provides another avenue for consumers to have a voice.

"I love medicine, it's the stuff of life. These are the events we share as human beings: birth, illness, death - human things. It's a privilege to be able to work in this area."

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