Supporting Queensland’s Indian community

In times where migration, migrants and multiculturalism is being attacked, we need to bond together to ensure equality and access to justice.  Our new partnership with the Federation of Indian Communities Queensland means people of Indian origin can access legal help, fast.

Proud migrants, proud heritage

Migration is the bedrock upon which this great state, and country, have been built. Starting with the earliest settlers, Indian migrants have been a part of the Australian landscape for centuries. 

I was born in India, and am a migrant – as are my parents. So were the parents of Jacob Varghese, our CEO.  We are proud of our heritage.  As our community has grown, our unique culture and heritage has positively contributed to the greater Australian mosaic.

Because of my roots, and my passion for justice, I am pleased to partner with the Federation of Indian Communities to support their members.  The FICQ exists to strengthen the voice of Indian communities across Queensland.  More than 30 Indian organisations which represent people of Indian origin form part of FICQ.

We have set up dedicated hotline for members of FICQ and the Indian community who need legal help.  I believe that access to the law should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford it.  When you call that hotline, it won’t cost you anything to find out what your rights are.

Calling us to find out your rights is free 

We offer a wide range of legal services, including for those who are off work for any medical reason, need assistance with superannuation, are seeking advice on a Will or have been treated unfairly at work.  We have negotiated and won some of the biggest outcomes for Queenslanders.  

We also have a strong network of partners who can assist you with other legal services, such as family law or criminal law.  We can refer you on to the people that we recommend.

With 13 offices across Queensland, you can find a lawyer close to you who understands your local community and your needs. 

We speak your language

I know from experience that people won’t call a lawyer to find out their rights because the legal system is complicated, and can be hard to understand.  It can be especially difficult if English isn’t your first language. 

We have lawyers and paralegals that speak Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Marati and Urdu. We can also find a translator for you to attend your meetings with us.  

Contact our dedicated hotline on 1800 247 771 to find out your rights.

Queensland Indian community

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