Challenging the status quo of the Australian footy culture

Young LGBTI+ people are said to be deterred from participating in sport and sporting communities due to traditional masculine cultures which are often homophobic and queer unfriendly. 

Sporting clubs, especially in regional areas, are central to an area's sense of community - so how does that affect kids who don't feel they belong?

In this documentary we visit The Yarra Glen Football club in their 6th year of Pride Cup, co-created by Jason Ball. 

There are currently no men openly out in the professional league, although we are led to understand there are many players who are open about their sexuality with their family and friends. 

Pride Cup is about inclusion, beginning at the very grassroots level and especially for the young. However, it is clear we have a long way to go. David Kyle, President of the North Gippsland Football and Netball League says, “It’s not the Australian way to exclude someone, surely laughter and engagement and inclusion are far better than that option.”

Together with the AFLW, we are running a community grants program which focuses on individuals from community and minority groups not often given a voice. We engage with these communities to understand their difficulties and challenges and how they are working for a fair go for their community.

Through this program we hope to inspire people at every level to be part of the game, and to talk about issues that matter most in the community.

We are proud to promote equality and a level playing field for all. Our aim is to send a message that all of our lives will be better, fuller and happier when we live in an equal world, a principle we have been fighting for over the past 100 years.

Pride cup Victoria

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