New scheme to provide redress to Victorian survivors of the Stolen Generations

Victoria is leading the way for survivors of the Stolen Generations, with its announcement this month of a Stolen Generations Redress Scheme.

The Victorian Government has announced a $10 million investment to develop the scheme, with redress options to be considered including redress payments, counselling support and a funeral fund.

What does the scheme look like?

The Government says funding could also go to helping Aboriginal Victorian survivors tell their stories, and support them in making redress applications.

Consultations will be held this year, with the scheme to begin in 2021.

Maurice Blackburn welcomes the announcement of a scheme to help address the trauma and lasting suffering caused by the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families.

We believe it is an important step in helping the affected children, families and communities to share their stories and reclaim their power.

Choice is important for survivors

Having access to a redress scheme will provide choice for survivors in Victoria, giving them the option of seeking compensation through the scheme or through the courts.

To ensure that survivors’ rights are prioritised, it’s essential that they receive adequate support and advice prior to making an application for redress.

In our view, Victoria has played a leading role in this space, moving fast to both commit and deliver justice.

Taking legal action can never erase what happened, but in my experience of working with survivors of abuse, many see it as an important acknowledgment of the wrongs committed against them.


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