How we are different

A career at Maurice Blackburn is the opportunity to make a difference.

Maurice Blackburn in the community

At Maurice Blackburn we work hard at building lasting relationships within the community. We have a number of committees, such as the Cultural Diversity Working Group, the Women’s Law Section and the Sustainability Group, that actively partner with community groups to work towards outcome that create meaningful change in the community. We’re not about throwing money at a cause – we’re about working with the cause to achieve outcomes that make a difference.

Plaintiff law firm wins coveted diversity award, Lawyers Weekly, 30 October 2014

Landmark Cases

Since Maurice Blackburn opened its doors we have been committed to fighting for causes that have a lasting effect on the Australian community. Landmark cases, like the 40 hour week, equal pay for women and the case against the commonwealth government on behalf of Dr Mohammed Haneef, are the kind of cases we actively pursue. We pursue cases that we think will effect positive and lasting change. If you’re interested in working at a firm that is genuinely committed to working on landmark cases, then Maurice Blackburn is for you.

Social Justice

We are the leading Australian social justice law firm, practicing public interest law that benefits the greater community.

We aim to influence large scale change by taking on landmark cases, and we follow the precepts of social justice in the work we do daily across all practice areas.

Women in the law

Maurice Blackburn actively supports women in their fight for rights, in accessing the law, and in their legal careers. The Women’s Law Section was established at Maurice Blackburn in 1995 to actively promote women’s access to the legal system.

Within the firm we provide networking, mentoring and development opportunities for women. We also create and maintain strong relationships with women’s groups outside of the firm, including the provision of sponsorship and other support.

Learning and development

Maurice Blackburn values continued professional, technical, personal and leadership development, with learning programs designed to develop you at each stage of your career.

We actively encourage continuous learning and support it via our Study Support and Study Leave policies. All employees have full access to the firm’s national learning resources, regardless of location.

We offer specialised programs to educate lawyers on working successfully with clients who have experienced trauma. This includes education and workshops to support the mental wellbeing of our lawyers.

The work environment

The Maurice Blackburn team live and breathe the firm’s values. Values which are not just words, but which guide the firm and our work, and which ultimately shape how we work together.

We believe that only a workplace with true cultural, religious and gender diversity allows for genuine and effective partnership with the community.

And we’re not just in the capital cities - we are where our clients are. Our truly collaborative teams deal with real issues, and make a real difference in people’s lives.

Work-life balance

We recognise that work is just one element of your life and we provide a number of initiatives to support a healthy life and a better work-life balance.

Our flexible work arrangements and mobile workforce provide opportunities to work from various regional, suburban and interstate offices.

Our wellbeing program provides for things like annual health checks and fruit baskets, and support the many office sporting teams and activities.

Flexible work in practice, New Zealand Law Society, September 2014


A career with us is about working with passion and integrity while still have time to do the things that you enjoy.

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