Maffra Knackery Pet Food Class Action

Maurice Blackburn is investigating a potential class action on behalf of all dog owners that purchased toxic pet food from Maffra Knackery (also trading as Backmans Greyhound Meats and Backmans Greyhound Supplies), leading to the illness or death of their dog.

Our claim will allege that Maffra Knackery, as manufacturers and suppliers of pet food, breached their obligations to customers when it sold them pet food contaminated with indospicine from May to July 2021.

Indospicine is found in plant species from the Indigofera genus that is known to be toxic to dogs. Grazing animals that consume these plants accumulate indospicine residues in their tissues over time, which may remain present for months after consumption, making them unsuitable for use in pet food.

If you purchased pet food from Maffra Knackery between May and July 2021 and your dog experienced illness or death after consuming this pet food, please complete the form below or email your expression of interest (with the below information) to

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where seven or more people have claims that arise out of similar circumstances, a class action can be brought by one plaintiff on their own behalf and as a representative of others.

The class actions process saves time and expense by avoiding the need for the courts to determine common issues of fact or law more than once. Class actions are efficient, enabling disputes and claims involving large numbers of people to be resolved via a single case.

No, it is completely free to register. 


While we have been retained by a Maffra Knackery customer that has lost their pet, our retainer and costs agreement state that we will only seek to recover the costs of providing our legal services through an adverse costs order against the respondent(s) in the event of a successful outcome in any court proceeding. In other words, we are acting pro bono for victims of this misconduct but will seek to recover our costs from Maffra Knackery if our proceedings against them are successful. 

We encourage you to register with us now, so that we can keep you updated on progress and assist you with any steps you may need to take.

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