Radio Rentals class action

Maurice Blackburn has launched a class action in the Federal Court of Australia seeking compensation for people who entered into “Rent Try $1 Buy” leases with Radio Rentals between 28 March 2011 and 29 March 2017 in all states (except South Australia).

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What is the Radio Rentals class action about?

Maurice Blackburn’s client Casey Simpson has commenced a class action against Thorn Australia Pty Ltd, which trades as Radio Rentals (Radio Rentals).

The case alleges that Radio Rentals engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct and/or unconscionable conduct, and that Radio Rentals contracts contained unfair contract terms.

Ms Simpson is claiming compensation for herself and others on the basis that Radio Rentals customers paid excessive amounts on their Rent Try $1 Buy leases and that contrary to Radio Rentals’ advertising, customers were not entitled to buy the rented goods for $1.

Who can benefit from the class action?

We believe that over 200,000 people in Australia paid excessive amounts on their Rent Try $1 Buy leases.

If you entered into a lease with Radio Rentals in any state (except South Australia) between 28 March 2011 and 29 March 2017 you are probably a group member in the class action and you can register your details with us here.  

What sort of compensation may be paid, and when?

If the class action is successful at trial or a settlement with Radio Rentals is reached, we anticipate that eligible group members will be paid compensation.  

This class action, like many class actions, may take a few years before it is resolved because of the number of people involved and the legal complexities.

How much does it cost to be a part of the class actions?

Maurice Blackburn is conducting the class action on a “no win no fee” basis.  That means that you do not have to pay any money up front to participate in the class actions, and if Ms Simpson’s claims do not succeed, you will not be required to pay any money.

If the class action is successful and compensation becomes payable to you, the Court may make an order that some of that compensation be used to help pay a share of the legal costs incurred by Ms Simpson for the benefit of the group members.   

We expect over 200,000 people may be eligible for compensation.  The legal fees will be divided among everyone and the contribution asked of you will not exceed the amount of your compensation. 

What do I need to do to be a part of the class action?

At this point you don’t need to take any steps to participate in the class action but we invite you to register your interest with Maurice Blackburn so that we can keep in touch with you about the progress of the case. 

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It is important that you keep any documents that you have about your Radio Rentals leases in a safe place.