Employment contract

If you’re in a senior management or executive position, we’re here to help you understand your employment rights – and that starts with your employment contract. Our employment lawyers can assist you to understand the inner workings and nuances of your employment contract, so you can start the job right.

Before taking on a new role, it’s vital to review and negotiate the terms of your contract. While this is true for all new employees, it’s especially important for senior managerial or executive roles. Why? Because in senior positions you are unlikely to be covered by any form of collective agreement or award.

Maurice Blackburn’s highly experienced employment lawyers can help ensure the terms of your employment contract:

  • reduce risk
  • provide you with job security, and
  • serve your individual needs.

We know you need to move quickly once you receive an employment offer. Ideally, you should aim to complete negotiations within one week.

It’s a good idea to prioritise the points you’d like to negotiate, and draft your requested changes to the contract to avoid any ambiguities.

If you’re unsure about what you can negotiate or how to go about it, Maurice Blackburn’s employment lawyers are here to help.

Key employment contract issues to negotiate

  1. National Employment Standards compliance
    Make sure your hours of work, leave entitlements, flexible working arrangements, notice of termination and redundancy pay comply with the National Employment Standards.
  1. Position, duties and location of work
    Seek amendments to limit an employer’s discretion to vary the terms of your position, duties and location.
  1. Termination and notice
    Limit the grounds on which your employer can terminate your employment, and negotiate a longer notice period.
  1. Remuneration
    Make sure the contract contains all components of your remuneration including, any bonus entitlements and the basis upon which these will be paid.
  1. Restraint of trade
    Negotiate the geographical area or length of time in which a restraint of trade clause will be enforceable, or request to be compensated for the duration of the restraint.

Reviewing my employment contract

If you would like help in reviewing your contract and advice on how to proceed contact Maurice Blackburn today.

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Your initial consultation with our Executive Employment Lawyers is on a fixed fee. If your case proceeds we operate on an hourly rate.

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