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For nearly 100 years, Maurice Blackburn has been at the forefront of workplace law in Australia. Today our nationally recognised team are able to provide a range of executive employment and workplace legal services. We represent CEO’s, senior managers, executives and other individuals across many industries. No matter what your situation, you can be sure that Maurice Blackburn can provide a resolution and certainty for you.

We understand that employment law matters need to be handled with both determination and discretion and we work to protect your current and future income as well as your professional reputation. At Maurice Blackburn we deliver sound advice and realistic, achievable solutions to your individual concerns.

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Maurice Blackburn are the leaders in employment law

We have an established record and are the acknowledged national leaders in executive employment and workplace law. Our highly experienced workplace and employment lawyers are able to negotiate discreetly to obtain financial settlements, compensation for damages, and other favourable outcomes such as reinstatement or recognition of benefits and entitlements. Most of our employment law cases never need to go to court: in many instances simply engaging Maurice Blackburn will convince the other party to seek a swift settlement.

If a matter does progress to court, our employment law team has the specialist litigation experience to provide you with the best possible representation.

Our employment law team, headed by high-profile legal expert Josh Bornstein, is recognised for excellence in Doyle’s ‘Guide to the Australian Legal Profession’.  Josh, along with Kamal Farouque, Giri Sivaraman and Emma Thornton have all been individually recognised by Doyle’s Guide as recommended employment lawyers.  Alana Heffernan also recently won the Workplace and Employment Relations Lawyer’s Weekly 30 under 30 Award.

The opinions of our employment law team are frequently sought.  We regularly write on employment matters, and comments from our team appear in high-profile publications.  We also regularly speak on employment law matters to other legal practitioners, as well as the general public.

If you have an employment issue, we can provide the expert legal advice and representation that will secure the best possible outcome. Talk to one of our employment law experts today to discuss how we can help you.

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Your initial consultation with our Executive Employment Lawyers is on a fixed fee. If your case proceeds we operate on an hourly rate.

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