Institutional abuse at Ben Venue Public School

Maurice Blackburn is helping those who suffered institutional abuse at Ben Venue Public School claim compensation.

If you are a survivor of institutional abuse that happened at Ben Venue Public School, no amount of financial redress can take away the pain caused. However, you may be entitled to compensation that will provide at least some support and acknowledgement of what happened to you.

You are not alone. The scale of the abuse at Ben Venue Public School has been revealed as extensive, with a culture of abusive teachers.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is currently representing former students and can help you seek justice too. Making a legal claim ensures the institution has to acknowledge the appalling abuses that happened behind closed doors for so many years.

How we can help

For the first time, survivors of abuse have options as to how they can seek compensation, if they wish to do so. The National Redress Scheme is not your only avenue for compensation. You can apply for compensation directly from the institution where the abuse occurred.

If you were abused at Ben Venue Public School, speak to one of our experienced lawyers about the options available to you, and how we might be able to support you through the process. While the thought of bringing a legal claim may seem daunting, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers will support you every step of the way.

We understand that the process can be very difficult and stressful for the people concerned, and their friends and family. Our specially trained team have helped hundreds of clients hold institutions to account for what happened to them. And we’ve helped these survivors with the care, confidentiality and compassion required.

  • A legal claim - One of the key benefits of a legal claim for damages is they are not capped at $150,000 as under the redress scheme and, in most cases, will be worth considerably more
  • National Redress SchemeCompensation can be awarded but there are limitations to the amount you will receive which, in most cases, is less than that of a legal claim. Importantly, if you seek a payment through the National Redress Scheme, you will never be able to make a legal claim.

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