Cancer misdiagnosis victims often face a devastating physical, psychological, and financial burden. Because misdiagnosis is sometimes the result of medical negligence on the part of the medical professionals and hospital responsible for diagnosing and treating the patient, it can be cause for a medical negligence compensation claim.

Maurice Blackburn lawyers represent people who have experienced a misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis of cancer. We are Australia’s leading medical negligence law firm and have successfully represented hundreds of patients and their families in complex and sensitive medical malpractice cases. If you have experienced misdiagnosis of cancer, our expert medical negligence lawyers can help to clarify your situation and assist you in understanding your legal options.

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When is misdiagnosis negligent?

Misdiagnosis of cancer cases require more than evidence that cancer misdiagnosis and treatment was negligent, they require proof that a loss or injury has resulted from the misdiagnosis. For example, if the delay was relatively short, bringing a negligence claim may not be possible if it can’t be shown that this delay has resulted in a worse outcome, such as reduced life expectancy, or that it has made less invasive treatment impossible.

Cancer misdiagnosis medical negligence may occur when the medical professional:

  • fails to acknowledge, investigate, or identify certain symptoms, fails to administer appropriate cancer testing when medically indicated by symptoms or risk factors;
  • improperly or inappropriately conducts cancer testing, such as a biopsy or MRI;
  • fails to correctly read or interpret cancer test results provided by a testing laboratory or radiology;
  • fails to acknowledge or investigate medical recommendations made by a testing laboratory;
  • fails to refer a patient to a more qualified specialist in cases where the medical professional lacks the appropriate skills or expertise;
  • treats a patient using procedures and processes that are not medically warranted by the patient’s symptoms and current state; or
  • fails to provide prompt and adequate follow-up care for treatment assessment.

Types of cancer misdiagnosis

Cancer misdiagnosis often involves incidents where a medical professional incorrectly diagnoses cancer, fails to properly diagnose cancer, or provides a delayed diagnosis. Each of these scenarios can result in the delay or absence of critical cancer treatment. Often, cancer misdiagnosis patients miss a crucial timeframe during which cancer treatment is most effective. As a result, the patient’s prognosis and outcome may be poorer than if the proper treatment were provided in a timely manner.

If you are dealing with a misdiagnosis of cancer our expert medical negligence attorneys can help to clarify your situation and assist you in understanding your legal options.

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