Location(s): Brisbane
Qualification(s): LLB, BIntBus, GDLP

Ashley Anand is a Personal Injuries Lawyer at Maurice Blackburn’s Brisbane office. Ashley works on Public liability, WorkCover, and road injuries claims and also has experience with psychological injury claims.

“A sense of justice is what drives me to fight for my clients. Where a duty of care is owed to a person (whether that be the duty owed by an employer to an employee, a property owner to a visitor, or a vehicle operator to a person) and that duty is not met and results in human suffering, I feel a deep-seated need to correct the situation. For this reason, I pursue each of my clients’ matters with maximum dedication and enthusiasm.” 

Ashley considers it her duty to do all she can to assist clients in navigating through their injury crisis. She has represented clients from numerous walks of life, each of whom has had their own unique stories and struggles. She believes taking the time to listen and obtain a firm understanding of one’s story and life is essential to building a successful outcome tailored to each individual client.


  • Australian Law Association
  • Queensland Law Society