Location(s): Sydney
Qualification(s): BA, LLB

Ashley is a lawyer working in financial advice disputes, superannuation and insurance claims in our Sydney office.

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts. She joined the firm in early 2013 as a legal assistant and then worked as law clerk while studying law. During this time she has gained experience in the legal process involved with financial advice disputes and making superannuation and insurance claims.

Ashley spent some time in the financial services industry during the global financial crisis which gave her insight into how devastating it is for clients to see their life savings plummet in value due to poor financial planning advice.

“It is often particularly difficult for them because they sought financial advice in the first place to ensure their money was safe, and they trusted and relied on their financial advisor completely,” says Ashley.

“I enjoy building trust with clients and then using my expertise to get a good outcome for them. We have to prove ourselves by exceeding our client’s expectations and by advocating for them with tenacity.

“My inspiration comes from seeing how our clients persevere despite their negative experiences. I am motivated by knowing what a great privilege it is that these clients are prepared to let us into their lives and trust us to advocate for them. When we achieve successful outcomes for clients and advocate for better regulation of the financial services industry, this helps to keep the industry in check.”

Memberships & accreditations

  • NSW Law Society member
  • NSW Young Lawyers member