Practice area(s): Road accident injuries
Location(s): Sunshine
Qualification(s): LLB, BSc

Danielle Leo is a Senior Associate and Personal Injury Accredited Specialist in Maurice Blackburn’s Sunshine office in Victoria. She specialises in providing motor vehicle accident compensation legal advice and representation for people making common law and TAC claims.

Danielle joined Maurice Blackburn more than 10 years ago and is an extremely tenacious solicitor. She never gives up her fight against the TAC, and has had many notable wins against the commission over the past decade. These include successfully:

  • arguing for the TAC to pay for a client’s university tuition after an injury from a car accident forced him out of his regular line of work
  • proving a back injury sustained at a later date was related to her client’s road accident, resulting in the Court finding in favour of her client
  • obtaining a significant back-payment of loss of earnings benefits for a client who the TAC had decided was not an earner, and
  • obtaining significant compensation for a client who had battled the TAC for several years.

Danielle holds Bachelor degrees in Laws and Behavioural Science from La Trobe University. She enjoys fighting the TAC and insurance companies, but is kind and understanding when it counts. She is motivated by the knowledge she can help her clients and their families during their time of greatest need.

“Transport accidents change people’s lives in a split second, affecting not only the injured person, but their family and friends, too,” says Danielle.

“Accidents don’t discriminate; they affect people of different ages and all different backgrounds. If I can help these people get their life back on track, it is important that I do.”

Danielle always remains focused on the bigger picture – helping her clients take charge of their future health and happiness.

“Helping people to obtain the medical treatment, income assistance or compensation to get their life back on track and make as much of a recovery back to their pre-accident life as normal is what inspires me most.”

Danielle is proud of her Italian heritage, is fluent in speaking Italian, and describes herself as a “little Italian firecracker willing to fight to the end.”

Accreditations and memberships

  • Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law
  • LIV member
  • Australian Lawyers Alliance member
  • Western Suburbs Law Association Executive Committee member
  • Geelong Law Association past president
  • Maurice Blackburn Women’s Network member