Location(s): Brisbane
Qualification(s): LLB, GDLP, CCJS

Hayley Stokes is a Superannuation and Insurance litigation lawyer at Maurice Blackburn’s Brisbane office. Hayley understands the need to explain to clients as clearly as possible what can be a very complex area of law. She strives to ensure that her clients obtain all the benefits they are entitled to under various insurance policies.

“I am committed to obtaining positive outcomes for my clients in superannuation and insurance claims during what is often a very difficult period in their lives. Superannuation and insurance claims can be difficult to traverse, and the law can be complicated, so I strive to ensure the process is as stress free as possible for those I represent.”

Hayley prides herself on being open and empathetic with her clients and uses the fact that she has previously worked for a general insurer to her clients’ advantage. She also runs financial advice disputes against financial advisers, and irresponsible lending claims against banks and brokers.


  • Queensland Law Society
  • Australian Lawyers Alliance