Location(s): Ipswich
Qualification(s): LLB, BCom

Helen Harbourne is a personal injury compensation Associate in Maurice Blackburn’s Ipswich office in Queensland. She helps people with workers’ compensation, motor vehicle accident and public liability claims, and is a highly professional and hardworking lawyer who relates easily to her clients and is empathetic to what they are going through.

Helen holds Bachelor degrees in Laws and Commerce from James Cook University and was admitted to practice as a lawyer in 2003. She has extensive legal experience across a wide range of areas, and has been working in personal injury law since January 2011.

“I began my career in commercial litigation but felt that I wasn’t getting the satisfaction I had expected to get from practising law. I soon realised that I really wanted to use my skills and knowledge to assist individuals in need rather than corporations, and I haven’t looked back since,” says Helen.

“Some of the people I help have hit rock bottom. It is a privilege to play a role in allowing people to gain some level of justice which in turn assists them in rebuilding their lives.

“Every human being deserves to be heard. Being the voice for people that, due to their circumstances, can’t stand up for themselves and can’t fight their fight on their own is inspiring.”

Memberships & accreditations

  • Queensland Law Society member