Location(s): Perth
Qualification(s): LLB

Helen Parker is a personal injury Senior Associate in Maurice Blackburn’s Perth office.

Helen has significant legal experience, with more than 20 years in practice. She provides advice to clients related to compensation for personal injury, workers’ compensation, car accidents and motorbike accidents and ICWA claims, public liability and common law matters.

“I'm fascinated and inspired by my clients and their stories; I love the variety of people I get to work with and ultimately fight for,” says Helen.

“I love the forensic investigation into how, what, when, and why the accident has happened and whose fault it was. If there is fault, then compensation is payable.”

Helen is a compassionate lawyer and a determined problem solver, who is driven to achieve successful outcomes for her clients. She explains complicated legal processes in a simple and effective way and she ensures her clients have a clear understanding of all aspects of their cases.

“I like to solve the problem – that is definitely one of my strongest talents. I am always able to see a way to solve the issue for my clients, to sort out their problem and allow them to move on. Even if I cannot fix their injury, I can achieve a goal for them to get some compensation and allow them to get on with their lives. My clients walk out of my office with clear direction of where there claim is going and how we are going to get there.”

Helen has authored several articles in the MUA (WA Branch) magazine on workers’ compensation in Western Australia. She also has several passions outside of the law.

“I am a very independent motivated single mum who is a little bit crazy as I race a motorbike!”

Helen is an avid member of the Motorcycling Racing Club of WA, where she was Club Volunteer of the Year in 2014. She is also part of the Stop SMIDSY (Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You) campaign to raise awareness of motorcycle riders on Australian roads.