Location(s): Melbourne
Qualification(s): LLB (Hons)

Jacob Varghese is a principal in the firm's class actions department. He has worked on various successful class actions including CentroAristocrat and Multiplex which settled for $150 million, $144.5 million and $110 million respectively.

Jacob also ran the NAB class action which settled in November 2012 for $115 million. This action alleged that NAB contravened its continuous disclosure obligations by failing to tell the stock exchange and its shareholders the extent of its exposure to US toxic debts during the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2007 and 2008.

He is currently running the abalone virus class action in the Supreme Court of Victoria. This action seeks recovery of financial losses suffered by a group of abalone licence-holders and abalone divers, due to the outbreak of a lethal abalone virus known as abalone virus ganglioneuritus in wild abalone populations.

Jacob also supervises the Bonsoy class action in the Supreme Court of Victoria, which seeks compensation for hundreds of people from around Australia who have suffered from consuming Bonsoy soy milk, which contained extremely high levels of iodine.

Jacob also supervises Maurice Blackburn's Social Justice Practice, which takes on cases in the public interest on behalf of disadvantaged people.

Jacob started at Maurice Blackburn in 2002 as an articled clerk. He also worked as a political adviser before joining the class actions team in 2006.