Location(s): Melbourne
Qualification(s): BA/LLB

Lloyd Toffolon is the Road Disputes Team Leader and a personal injury compensation Associate in Maurice Blackburn’s Melbourne office.

Lloyd has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from Deakin University. He joined Maurice Blackburn in 2014. Lloyd helps people injured on the roads and at work with WorkCover, TAC and related compensation claims.

“I became a lawyer to achieve justice for those who are often vulnerable and disenfranchised,” says Lloyd.

“I’m inspired to advocate for those members in society who have been injured on the roads or at work to ensure they receive the best possible outcome. The most satisfying part of my job is making a positive difference to my clients’ lives when I settle their claim.”

Lloyd is a keen on- and off-road motorcyclist and supporter of Maurice Blackburn’s Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You (SMIDSY) motorcycle safety campaign.

“Having been exposed to the increased dangers as a motorcyclist and to the many hazards we face on the roads, I am able to empathise with the riders who are injured.

“I have a strong interest in changing policies and laws so they better represent motorcyclists’ interests on the road. Being a road safety lawyer and a rider puts me in a better position to understand the impact of any proposals to design safer roads or legislative changes to enhance road safety.”

Lloyd has been appointed as a Member of the Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel to help provide insights and advice that will inform the strategic direction of motorcycle safety and initiatives in Victoria. 

In addition to being an enthusiastic rider and MotoGP fanatic, Lloyd also spends his spare time training for triathlons.

Memberships & accreditation

  • Law Institute of Victoria member
  • Australian Lawyers Alliance member
  • Motorcycle Community Engagement Panel